I remember my husband asking me one day if I wanted to learn how to cook on the grill.

I laughed and told him if he taught me how to grill, then I wouldn’t need him anymore. I quickly reminded him I didn’t need to be with him—I wanted to be with him.

But truth is, I do need him.

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I need him because he picks me up on the bad days and celebrates with me on the good ones.

I need him because he is honest with me. Even when I don’t want to hear it. Even more so when it hurts.

I need him because he can always make me laugh. One-liners. Bad dad jokes. Or just being ridiculous.

I need him because he makes me feel beautiful and confident. He puts me first and makes me a priority.

I need him because he respects me and prays for me.

I need him because no one else could tolerate the terrible singer I am.

I need him because of his constant support and encouragement.

I need him because he’s patient. He listens. He understands. He lets me cry.

I need him because he leads, provides, and protects our family.

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I need him because he opens the doors, does all the heavy lifting, and carries down the piles of things I place on top of the stairs because for some reason I’m incapable of doing so myself.

I need him because he gives the best, warmest, longest hugs that can instantly make the whole world better.

I need him because he holds my hand at all the right moments.

I need him because he loves me through it.

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I need him because there is no one else I would want by my side.

I need him.

This post originally appeared on Mondays with Michelle

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