How I love to be in church!

It is such a comfort to me.

It’s my safe place.

Yes, I carry my faith with me everywhere.

Jesus is in my heart and on my tongue always.

But there is something indescribable that happens in churchI find each of my senses become so wonderfully alive.

The sight of the sun streaming through the beautiful stained glass. 

The flickering candles illuminating the side chapels.

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The glorious sound of the choir, their voices praising His holy name. 

The mischievous giggles and whispers between my 4-year-old and her friend. 

The smell of freshly cut flowers, lovingly arranged before the altar. 

The sweet incense rising to the rafters. 

The solid old pew supporting me as I sit before our Lord, sending up my prayers and soaking in His spirit. 

When the doors of our church finally reopened with new COVID precautions, I wondered if I would still feel the same?

Would the mask wearing, the social distancing, the ban on singing, and all the other restrictions stop me from experiencing the same peace and comfort I used to know?

And friends, I can tell you that yes it is strange and sometimes difficult.

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But has it distracted from the beauty of what is happening?


Because when you look past the masks and the hand sanitizing stations and the hazard tape, what do you have?

The same church family, gathered together, coming before the King of Kings, to worship and praise Him.

Despite the distancing between us, we are joining together in spirit and storming Heaven’s gates with our heartfelt prayers.

We are gathered together, IN HIS NAME, and there He is, right in the midst of us. And each of my senses are alive once more as we call upon our blessed Lord, and the Holy Spirit fills our church and our hearts.

Friends, much has changed.

And things are changing still.

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It is easy to feel lost and confused in the chaos of the world right now.

But cling to what is constant.

Stand firm on the foundations of our faith.

Gather in His name.

In your churches or in your homes.

Gather together and raise a hallelujah.

Gather in His name and know He is right there, in the midst of you.

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