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I sit in my recliner this morning, covered up with my blanket, listening to the outside sounds of the slow morning going on outside my window. I’ve already prayed and read my Bible study, ready for my day to begin.

I grab my phone and send out texts to my friends, “How are y’all feelin this mornin?”

See, a nasty, nasty bug has swept through our community like a hurricane. I feel like every day, a different person has come down with it. Bless their hearts. (As I close my door and spray Lysol throughout the air!)

After I send my text, I start to think to myself, I wonder if they wish I’d leave them alone? Do they think it’s weird that I’m checking on them around the clock like this? They’re probably wondering why I even care so much? Do I not have a life?

Then God says, “Stop it, Chelsea.”

Stop overthinking things. Stop feeling bad for being a friend.

You’re right, God. As usual.

You did command me to love my neighbor as I love myself, right? 

I believe if Jesus were here on Earth, He’d be knocking on doors and doing drop-offs of Gatorade, chicken noodle soup, and Advil. 

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I believe He would be the one mailing out cards that express to others that He is just thinking of them. 

I know without a doubt that Jesus would let others know He is praying for them and remind them when they are on His heart. 

Wouldn’t He?

Wouldn’t he be that kind of friend? Isn’t He that kind of friend? 

He may not physically be delivering us meals and mailing us cards, but He sure shows up in my time of need. He lends a listening ear. Gives me a shoulder to cry on. 

That’s the kind of friend I want to be. The same kind of friend that Jesus would be

I’ll send the texts. 

I’ll pray the prayers. 

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I’ll make the meals. 

I’ll mail the cards. 

And I’ll try and love you as Jesus loves you, or as close to it, anyway.

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Chelsea Pauley

I'm a Christian, a wife, and a mommy who loves to write about her faith and her family. 

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