If I ask her not to do something, she will literally go out of her way to do the opposite.

I say don’t touch that, and a single, pointed finger reaches out.

I say you can’t do that, and she immediately thinks watch me.

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She is persistent, never backing down from what she wants.

She has big emotions, seemingly inheriting the feelings of those around her.

She is loudI’m talking people hear her meltdown three floors away loud.

She is expressive, a single glance in her direction and you know exactly if she is sugar or spice.

Yes, that girl challenges me every single day.

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She challenges me to be a better mommy, one with more patience, kindness, and understanding.

She challenges me to let go a little bit, to live in a world with fewer rules and more fun.

She challenges me to feel more deeply, to love fiercely without reservation.

She challenges me to be persistent, never giving up on what I believe in.

She challenges me to get loud in the face of something wrong.

As she grows, she will challenge others.

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She will challenge all those she loves to do better, to be better.  

She will challenge the world to step it up and won’t back down until it does.  

She will challenge others to have empathy and feel big feelings.

She will challenge those who say it can’t be done with her usual response of yes it can.

She will most definitely be the cause of my gray hairs, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Because my challenger . . . she is going to change the world just as she has changed her mommy.   

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Tiffany Yoder

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