I’m kind of a go-getter. Not always, sometimes I can’t go get anything.

But I have a lot of dreams and aspirations for my life. Just about every day I have new ideas of things I would love to do or accomplish someday.

I’ll write a book.
I’ll get back into shape.
I’ll start a Bible study.
I’ll create a business.
I’ll create time to see all my friends and be more social.
I’ll make my house look better.
Etc., etc., etc.

As I think of these big dreams, they usually are interrupted as I get smacked in the face with a toy or hear a kid scream and wonder if someone died.

Because I’m a mama in the thick of it.

So I resume wiping butts, giving snacks, and stepping on LEGOs, and those big dreams get placed on a shelf in the back of my mind.

I can’t do it all. I can’t do all those things I want to do because there just literally isn’t the time or energy for it.

If I’m honest, sometimes motherhood makes me feel like I have to put my dreams on hold.

The other day, as I was feeding my baby, I was thinking about this and heard a small voice in my head whisper . . . 

“This is your dream.”

I was instantly flooded with a ton of emotions.

The chaos of this life is not glamorous. I rarely feel “accomplished” day to day. A lot of times we are purely living in survival mode.

But these babies of mine, and this life, is absolutely a dream come true.

They are the greatest gifts I will ever be given.

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I am allowed to dream about doing other things besides being a mom, and dang it . . . I will accomplish some of these things someday.

But I don’t ever want to spend this precious and short time with my babies upset I’m not accomplishing other goals.

They aren’t an inconvenience. They aren’t a disturbance. They aren’t a burden.

They are a dream come true.

So as I sit here rocking my little loves I’ll remember:

I am not putting my dreams on hold. Right now, I’m holding my dreams.

This post originally appeared on Unraveling Motherhood with Kelli Bachara

Kelli Bachara

Kelli Bachara is a wife and mom to two sweet kiddos. She is a mental health therapist, writer, and podcaster. Kelli loves her Goldendoodle, coffee, and this beautiful thing called life. You can find her at www.kellibachara.com.