“Ladies, this is your vibe for 2023. Hype. Other. Women.”

A rally cry for women all over the world started at the Golden Globes on Tuesday, when Erin Gallagher captured the moment that actress Michelle Yeoh won best actress for her role in Everything Everywhere All at Once. 

Instead of focusing on Yeoh, who covered her face in her hands, the entrepreneur zoned in on the reaction of co-star Jamie Lee Curtis, who threw her hands in the air and let out what appeared to be an excited scream for her co-star.

“Look at Jamie Lee Curtis,” Gallagher wrote in the now-viral post on LinkedIn. “Look. At. Her. You can feel her energy, her fire, her power. Her excitement, joy, and passion for Michelle is palpable. The photo moves. It vibrates. If you saw the photo without context, you may think that it was actually *Jamie* who won.”

Gallagher goes on to encourage women to bring this kind of energy and support for each other into 2023, and to defy how society has conditioned them to think of each other as competition.

“Her success doesn’t detract from yours. Her wins don’t create your losses. Her joy can’t steal the joy that’s meant for you.”

The post ends with the following directive:

“Find your Jamie. 
Hype their Jamie.
Be her Jamie.”

Needless to say, Gallagher’s post took social media by storm, quickly becoming an anthem for hundreds of thousands of women and even reaching the “unabashed hype woman” herself.

Jamie Lee Curtis shared it on her own social media with glowing accolades for Gallagher and continued congratulations for Yeoh.

“I’m still stunned that a moment of natural exuberance and joy, became some sort of a symbol for women supporting other women,” the actress said in an Instagram post on Saturday.

In addition to the original photo of her reaction from Gallagher’s post, the star shared a selfie in her new t-shirt (which features a meme of the aforementioned photo with the slogan “Friends supporting friends”), which appeared on her doorstep as a well-meaning gesture of love and support from her Everything Everywhere castmates.

“#FRIENDSSUPPORTINGFRIENDS is a perfect squad goal for 2023 . . .” Curtis continued.

While the actress has been unable to attend various events related to the film this weekend due to a positive Covid-19 diagnosis, her co-stars have continued to amplify her message, with several showing off their own t-shirts both on social media and the red carpet.

On Sunday, Michelle Yeoh posted a picture of herself holding the shirt while simultaneously sending well wishes to Curtis.

“Speedy recovery, need my hand in yours,” Michelle Yeoh said on her Instagram.

This obvious demonstration of love and support between Curtis and her castmates is exactly the vibe we all need to take with us into 2023, and beyond.

“Full on. Full out. Full force.”

Here’s to being unabashed hype women! 

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