Host or none, the Oscars are airing on millions of TV screens across the country tonight. One of the most anticipated moments was the duet of the Oscar-nominated song, Shallow, between A Star is Born stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. 

And oh boy, that moment did not disappoint. 

Just take a look at the video and try not to be absolutely mesmerized by this dynamic pair:


The performance ended with Cooper and Gaga sitting cheek-to-cheek at the piano, and every single one of us watching the broadcast tonight felt the chemistry.

And the icing on top of the flaming hot celebrity cake? Lady Gaga walked away with the Oscar—her first—for Shallow as best original song. 

In her acceptance speech, an emotional Gaga had a message for all of us captivated by her creative genius: “If you’re at home and you’re sitting on your couch watching, all I have to say is this is hard work; I’ve worked hard for a long time and it’s not about winning, but what it’s about is not giving up. If you have a dream, fight for it. It’s about how many times you stand up and are brave and keep on going.” 

Proving, for the second time this evening, that the 91st annual Oscar Awards is Lady Gaga’s party, and we’re all just glad to be here for it. 



Carolyn Moore

Carolyn traded a career in local TV news for a gig as a stay-at-home mom, where the days are just as busy and the pay is only slightly worse. She lives in flyover country with her husband and four young kids, and occasionally writes about raising them at Assignment Mom