Are you getting tired of turkey sandwiches?

I am.

1476898_10201912165718604_61475555_nI had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving.

Hope you did, too!!

For those of you following along, I posted my grocery list.  It worked out GREAT. However, my meal was NOT a lesson on eating healthy on Thanksgiving. I’m pretty sure I used two bricks (that’s 8 sticks of butter) and 2 bricks of cream cheese. Plus, we cooked up some bacon… 

Yeah. I need to work out today.


BUT – now I have a bunch of leftovers.

Before I get to the magic 10, I want to share a recipe my mom almost always does after she makes a turkey.

We boil out the bones.

Just put the bones in a pot of water and let it boil – for awhile. Like, 4 hours.

Then, put on some gloves and pick out the bones.

This ‘both’ makes the PERFECT chicken soup later in the year.


This is what it should look like: 1470684_10201922520857476_1715058779_n

I put mine in a bag in the freezer until later in the year: 


Here are 10 great recipes that almost make you forget it’s turkey you’re eating. (Just substitute ‘turkey’ for any shredded chicken in the recipes below)

 2. Her Famous Pot Pie



3. Mushroom Pot Pie



4. Turkey Lasagna

timthumb (6)


5. White Chili

timthumb (1)


6. Julie’s Chicken (Turkey) Salad

timthumb (2)


7. Cheeseeeee Enciladas

timthumb (3)


8. Chicken Taco Soup

timthumb (8)


9. Turkey Noodle Soup

timthumb (4)



10.Chicken Salad with Greek Yogurt

timthumb (5)


 Hope some or all of these work for you!!! 

Jen Sill

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