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I heard about the labor pains. And the sleepless nights. 

I heard about the inconveniences. And the never-ending sacrifices. 

I heard about the “end of life as I knew it.” And the loss of my individual freedom. 

I heard about how it would impact my career. And how I’d never get to travel the world. 

I heard about how I should date my husband while I can. And how expensive it all is.

I heard about never getting any alone time. And how frustrating it can be.

I heard about loneliness, depression, and the blues. And how hard it is to be responsible for a little one.

I heard how I better soak it all up before it’s gone. And to live it up while I still can as if kids were the end. 

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But what they didn’t tell me is that from the moment I met him, my world would never be the same.

They didn’t mention how his smile would stop my heart in its tracks. Or how I’d feel a deeper joy than I even knew could exist. 

They didn’t mention how I’d feel more free than I ever had before. Or how I’d experience a deeper drive to pursue my dreams, my goals, and my ambitions. 

They didn’t mention how his laugh would make my heart sing a brand-new song. Or how close I’d feel to the Lord while he rests so peacefully on me. 

They didn’t mention his sweet hands reaching for me in the middle of the night. Or how meeting him would finally allow me to begin to meet myself.

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They didn’t mention how many hours I could waste staring into his eyes. Or how close I’d feel to my husband, laughing together at his little sighs. 

They didn’t mention how empowering it’d be to bring his life into the world. Or how healing it’d be to witness my body sustain him as his only source of food. 

They didn’t mention how it’d slow me down, calm my racing thoughts. Or how I’d feel more settled than ever, tasting real peace for the first time.

They didn’t mention how grounding raising a small child could be. Or how much I’d look forward to each new day as a family. 

All this time, I spent wondering if having kids would be the end. What they didn’t mention, though, are all the ways life would just begin.

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Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith is the creator and founder of To Grow Good. To Grow Good is a place to share conversion and encounter with the living God. It includes a podcast, weekly Scripture devotions, prayer resources, and more. In each episode of the podcast, a guest comes on to share their story of how they first met the Lord at a personal level and how He led them into His Church. When Rachel is not behind the podcast mic, you can find her spending time with her husband, soaking in moments with her son, Noah, or cuddling with her Bernese Mountain Dog, Harbor. Rachel and her family live in a 1734 farmhouse on the seacoast of New Hampshire. Follow To Grow Good on Instagram @togrowgood or learn more about the ministry at

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