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Are you the kind of woman who has tweens and teens, an aging dog or cat, and a strict 10 p.m. bedtime?

Are you the kind of woman who spends more time driving children around than seems humanly possible, probably in a mid-sized, it’s-a-few-years-old-and-kinda-filthy SUV? 

Are you the kind of woman whose social media feed is full of ads for anti-aging creams and makeup hacks for “mature skin,” and who’s still not quite sure what the functional difference between TikToks and Reels actually is? 

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If you can call yourself that kind of woman, then in the ’90s you were the kind of girl who definitely watched Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman on CBS. You probably thought  Dr. Michaela Quinn was ridiculously smart and brave out there in the 19th-century Colorado wilderness and Byron Sully was ruggedly handsome with That Hair and the two of them together? Perfection.  

Well, women of a certain age, we’re in for a treat.

Jane Seymour and Joe Lando are reuniting on the small screen . . . not, unfortunately, as their beloved Dr. Quinn characters Dr. Mike and Sully, but as love interests in a Lifetime Christmas movie.

According to Lifetime, “A Christmas Spark” (executive produced by Toni Braxton!) stars Seymour as Molly, a recently widowed woman who “has lost her zest for life and given up on ever finding love again.” Lando (no long hair anymore, I checked—sad face) plays Hank, “the most eligible bachelor” in the town where Molly’s daughter lives, the town Molly visits for Christmas looking to boost her spirits. Turns out Molly was a former drama teacher, and takes a job directing the town’s Christmas pageant where she—you guessed it!—falls for its leading man, Hank. 

(I know, I know, these cable Christmas movies are all the same, but we love them anyway.)

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As if that wasn’t enough ’90s nostalgia for you this holiday season, Lifetime will also feature Full House middle sister Jodie Sweetin in “Merry Swissmas” this winter. There’s also a film directed by Melissa Joan Hart and a scheduled appearance by  Mario Lopez on the docket. It looks like Lifetime has figured out the 1990s are still where it’s at . . . or maybe that its youth are now women in their 30s and 40s who wait all year for Christmas movies on cozy evenings at home that smell like pumpkin spice candles and taste like nostalgic joy. 

Now, who do we talk to about a full-on reboot of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

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