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The youngest of our boys turns two this year, and I’m already preparing my heart for the inevitable growing pains.

Because by our fourth kid, I know what makes the twos so terrible, and it’s about to hurt something fierce.

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Basically, the world as we’ve all known it just gets flipped upside down when you’re two.

Repeating your favorite word mama gets an annoyed look instead of the applause it did last year.

And with all the standing and walking, you’re expected to follow directions like the big kids do.

But you’re not a big kid yet. You’re just two.

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And instead of all cuddles and hugs, you’re beginning to learn what obedience and discipline mean. 

And mama wants to hold onto the baby version of you because that’s more comforting to my heart than it is for your own good.

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But we both need to acknowledge we’re growing and getting back up after each stumble and fall.

And we keep asking God to transform feelings of frustration into gratitude for the journey we’re on.

Our muscles are getting stronger.

Our grace is running deep.

Our hearts are stretching bigger.

And we’re learning what it means to let go of some things.

They call this season the trenches, so it’s important to reach out for help and come up for air.

And I admit it’s just a little terrible and intimidating for all of us when our babies are turning two.

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