Step aside, Harry and Meghan, the internet is captivated by new Royal Family news . . .

The King and Queen are coming to Downton Abbey!

The full-length trailer for the highly anticipated Downton Abbey movie hit the internet on Tuesday, and fans of the British drama are rightfully captivated. We catch up with the Crawley family and the Downton staff at the close of the 1920s, not long after we left them when the show ended its six-season run in 2015.

And it looks like there’s plenty of story left to be told—including a visit from their Royal Highnesses themselves.

Take a look:  

Downton Abbey – Official Trailer

The King and Queen are coming to Downton! Watch the new trailer now for #DowntonAbbeyFilm, only in theaters this September.?: Focus Features

Posted by Downton Abbey on Monday, May 20, 2019

As a card-carrying Downton fan (I’m still getting over that season three ending, I don’t want to talk about it), the Downton Abbey film looks like it captures every bit of the magic and charm the BBC series version of the show delivered every episode.

Will Branson find love again? Is Edith still devilishly Edith-y? What’s the story with Carson? What kind of gems will the Dowager serve up in Maggie Smith’s classic deadpan snark? And for heaven’s sake, is Mary happy? 

We’ll have to wait a few more months for the answers . . . which gives us all time to rewatch the series (currently available free to Amazon Prime members on its video streaming; season 1 is also currently on Netflix). 

Also be sure to keep an eye on the official Downton Abbey social media accounts for more movie tidbits, (series creator Julian Fellowes is answering fan questions on Twitter today!). 

And come fall, I’ll be one of the millions punching my ticket to Downton on September 20th—I hear they’ve been expecting us.

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