We spent spring break in quarantine, and our summer getaway is heading toward mask-clad lockdown. A family vacation is about to take on a whole new meaning in our house, well, in most homes.

Staycations are about to become all the rage, and I’m determined to make some fantastic memories with our living room and backyard as the backdrop.

Here’s the plan.

A Camp-In

Yes, we’re going to go all out together. A tent in the backyard or the living room if Mother Nature won’t cooperate. A strand of twinkle lights to add some magic. We’ll grill out for dinner and cap off the evening with s’mores over the fire pit. After dark, I can’t wait to run around and catch fireflies with my kids. Some of my best memories were made on late summer nights catching those blinking bugs.

Movie Night Extraordinaire

Our Friday night family movie won’t be any ordinary snuggle on the couch. It is part of our vacation, after all. Staycation cinema calls for all the treats and cozy blankets. If I can make it work, I’m going to set up the projector and a white sheet screen so we can enjoy a movie under the stars. That’s one for the scrapbook.

Family Talent Show

OK, I know this seems a bit over the top, but it will be so much fun for everyone. Make up a fun new skit or sing a silly song together. Clear the living room floor and let each person take a turn showing off their best dance moves. Video documentation is a must for this one. You can watch it together the next time everyone needs a break from COVID-19 news.

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Scavenger Hunt

With any luck, this one will last all day long. Breakfast pancakes will hide the first clue, and the final prize will be tucked in under our dinner plates. I’m going to stash fun notes all around the house and yard. The whole family will work together to solve the hunt and claim their winnings. I think an ice cream sundae bar is the perfect reward for a day’s work.

Game Night

Young and old alike will love this one. I am excited to break out my old favorites like Candyland and Uno. And, pick up a few new ones for us to try (OK, I’ll have them delivered). I might even give family poker a try. My grandma used to let us play with pennies. I can still see her wearing her dealer’s visor. I’d love to make lifelong memories like the ones I have with her with my own kids.

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These ideas are just some of the ways to plan out an epic family staycation. It will be fun to watch the new staycation trend grow over the summer. Vacation memories might look very different this year, but the outcome will be the same: family photos, videos, and memories you’ll all enjoy for years to come.

Angelica Kajiwara

Angelica Kajiwara, her husband, her mom and three kids are always up for an adventure! Whether it’s a family road trip in their RV, a weekend away at the newest family destination or a Tuesday at their scenic home in North Georgia, this fun-loving family shares the best, the real and the silliness of it all. Her roll-with-it attitude of, “If we can do it, you can do it” makes her blog a must-read (and her Instagram a must-follow).