When you feel like your marriage is falling apart. 

With each passing day, it feels closer to being over. 

It’s almost too much to process. 

It all feels too heavy

Who will live where? 

What will happen to our child? 

It’s almost too much to hold. 

So another day passes. 

Another day of feeling all that isn’t there anymore. 

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The lack of love, the lack of connection. 

Sleeping in two separate rooms. 

Not even caring enough to fight anymore. 

You’ve become two separate people, remembering what was, what is no longer. 

It’s a lonely place to be. 

To carry the burden of knowing your marriage is slowly dying. 

And there’s nothing you know that can save it. 

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You pray one day you will wake up and it will all change. 

That love and laughter will come back. 

That you will want to be near him again, to be touched by him again. 

But for now, you focus on being a mom. 

Letting go of all you wanted and hoped for as a wife. 

Hoping and praying you will make it through this season of life with your husband. 

That one day your love will return. 

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