Sometimes when I think of us, I think of how different we are.

I am overly trusting of others hearts. You guard your heart for authenticity.

I’m nurturing. You’re protective.

I’m fragile, and break so easily. You’re a rock, full of strength.

I’m detail-oriented, thinking slowly and carefully of every last detail before making a decision. You’re able to make decisions quick and easy.

I’m a planner and love predictability. You like to go with the flow.

I love best through words. You love best through actions.

God gave us to one another. A beautiful, precious gift for each of us.

He gave you to me so I could grow into someone I never thought I could be. Someone much stronger, more confident. He gave you to me so I could be reminded of Jesus’ love every day. You catch me every time I fall. You are constantly reminding me of my beauty. He gave you to me for endless reasons.

He gave me to you to show you unconditional love. To soften your edges, to always see the good in others. To build you up when you need it, and to keep you grounded in love.

God did something beautiful the day we said ”I do.” He gave us pieces of Jesus we never had in ourselves.

Because of sin, we also have a lot of bad in us. But when we surrender ourselves to Gods will, he paints a pretty beautiful picture.

Originally published on the author’s blog

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Kaleigh Christensen

Kaleigh is a stay at home mom, wife, and former Kindergarten teacher. In her spare time she loves to write about the things that matter. She shares real and honest vulnerability about the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, infertility, miscarriage, and just plain life. She loves to inspire others to find the beauty mixed in with the mess of life. To read more of her writings, like her Facebook page, Messy Footprints, @MessyFootprints