To the outside world, our love may not be obvious but it’s deeper than it ever was.

We might not hold hands as often or as much but that’s not an accurate depiction of our bond.

Becoming mom and dad fulfilled an innate shared desire.

From the moment we confirmed our suspicion I was pregnant our relationship began to metamorphosize.

Pre pink line, our time was our own. Sleep was readily available, late night excursions through drive-thru were weekly, and date night was cheap.

Post bringing our bundle of joy home we’re grasping for sleep, changing endless diapers, giving baths and playing on the floor.

Our time now consists of a quick kiss before you leave for work, maybe some pillow talk and once a week watching half a show before starting the bedtime routine.

To the outside, it may appear that our bond is not as strong.

In all honesty, it’s the complete opposite.

From the moment our baby was created to welcoming her into the world and all the moments after that our love has grown deeper, more committed and stronger.

Our shared experiences are what bond us.

The fear of becoming parents, the vulnerability of a postpartum body and the sacrifices we daily make so our child can have the best life possible.

It’s in these moments that the quality of our love is tested and refined.

Once you’ve been seen at your worst, throwing up, leaking milk, and with a floppy stomach, there’s nothing left to hide.

It was in those moments that love was manifested. When you held my hair as I puked yet again, went to almost every midwife appointment, brought me food while I nursed around the clock and never made me feel less than beautiful.

The temporary physical imperfections are part of the vessel that brought forth this gift.

Yes, we may have less time for each other. I might look tired and barely wear makeup anymore. We hardly get out alone. That is not a reflection of our love and appreciation for each other.

I know without a doubt you love me deeply, unconditionally and would do anything for me and our daughter.

That is attractive. That is honoring your vows.

That is love.

Yes, these days are tough but we’re doing it . . . together. We’re building something together. We’re not coasting, we’re not taking the easy road. We’re building our life together and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

At the end of the day, my heart is overflowing with gratitude.

I wouldn’t appreciate any of this had it been easy.

You are faithful and kind. That is worth so much more than anything material.

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Courtney Kramer

Courtney is a Professional Home Economist with a degree in Nutrition and Families from Western University. She enjoys writing, reading, listening to podcasts and spending her days with her 10-month-old daughter.