I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t the best day for me. There were lots of tears and episodes of spit-up.

I was ready for my husband to be home an hour before he ever was.

When he finally got home, he dealt with the toddler so I could tend to the baby and get her to bed. 

We had a big list of things to do that nightcleaning, organizing, and decluttering the basement. 

Once I got the baby to bed, cleaned up, put dinner away, and my husband still wasn’t downstairs, I got angry.

Fast. Too fast.

Why was I doing all of this by myself? We usually split these chores at night. 

Why was he hiding upstairs? 

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So I took my anger and went to the basement to try to start the work we needed to get done. 

Lo and behold, I couldn’t do any of it because I wasn’t strong enough. 

Cue more anger. 

I took my collected anger and irritation from the day and marched it all straight upstairs to tell him to come and help me. 

That’s when I found this—him asleep with the baby on his chest.

I instantly felt so much guilt. 

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Why did I let myself get worked up over him not being there to help me clean the kitchen? 

Why did I let my anger from the day continue to fuel my evening? The only two hours I get to spend with my husband each day.

He’s worked hard all day.

He’s tired, too.

He came home and held the crying baby so I could have a five-minute break. He put the toddler to bed I’ve had to pretty much argue with all day. 

He helped because he cared. He helped because he loves us. 

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They both fell asleep. Exhausted from their albeit different days. 

My anger is now gone. It’s been replaced with gratitude. 

I needed tonight to play out exactly how it did.

Anger and all. 

I needed to be put in my place.

Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to witness this.

Jordan Morgan

Wife & mama just winging this whole thing one day at a time. I’m a SAHM with a love for words, travel, the South, family, Jesus, and a relaxing swing on the front porch. I try to find humor in all things and keep motherhood real – the good and the bad. You can find me over at www.jordanmorgan.com or on Facebook @jordanmorganwriter