We all get an amazing feeling when we witness an older couple, strolling hand-in-hand, leaning slightly toward one another, wordlessly telling an epic story of love and passion.

Long ago, she might have been a great beauty, the type of beauty who could make the world cease to move, and he a dashing fellow, full of charm and wit enough to sweep any lucky girl off her feet.

Though the years have drawn lines in her face and the weight of time has added to her once-svelte frame, her beloved still adores her as much as he did the first time they met. She may complain about her aging body, and long for her youth, but to him, she is as lovely as ever.

Because a man in love—a man who truly sees a woman’s worth—will always see her as beautiful.

We assume men are shallow. We think all they want are younger women with skinny waists, tight butts, and ample boobs. We obsess over not measuring up to this standard and wonder if our spouses find us desirable and attractive.

Let me reassure you: they absolutely do.

You may look at your once-perky breasts and expanding waistline and wonder where your body went. Your reflection may greet you with gray roots and bags under your eyes and you may long for the young, vibrant girl who once greeted you in the mirror.

Your heart may sink a bit when your husband comes near, believing you are no longer enough for him.

But you are enough. You are more than enough.

Where you see wrinkles, your husband sees years of laughter and joy.

Where you see stretch marks and a puffy tummy, your husband sees a goddess who brought forth his children.

Where you see wider hips and thicker thighs, your husband sees your magnificent curves.

Where you struggle to find the beauty of your youth, your husband sees your beauty in the here and now.

Love doesn’t blind us, rather it enriches our ability to see our spouses in their absolute glory.

Your husband isn’t glossing over your imperfections, he is reflecting the best version of you as you are of him.

Confidence and self-love should come from within, but sometimes it takes the eyes of another to help us see ourselves.

When your husband compliments you or looks at you with desire or smiles with the years of joy you have brought to his life—

Take it in.

Soak in the goodness because you deserve every ounce of that love.

And know you are as beautiful as he sees you.

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Gail Hoffer-Loibl

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