His: Keeps him wired and going nonstop, he can’t sit still and is constantly working even at home.
Hers: Keeps her depleted of energy and begging for a life she once knew.

His: Keeps him emotionally withdrawn.
Hers: Keeps her emotionally addicted.

His: Keeps his sleep schedule as a reward system, able to fall asleep mid-sentence, and remain until dawn.
Hers: Keeps her tossing and turning unable to let the thoughts pass like the night does.

His: Buries it all, if he can’t think it, he can’t feel it.
Hers: Feels everything and everyone.

His: Keeps the thoughts to himself.
Hers: Needs to talk it all out.

His: I’ve gotta keep it together.
Hers: I’m completely unraveled.

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His: There’s no room for weakness.
Hers: I’m so weak. 

His: Shots of tequila as temporary relief.
Hers: Shopping sprees as a permanent vice. 

His: She’s let herself go.
Hers: Who am I anymore?

His: She doesn’t want me anymore.
Hers: He doesn’t love me like he used to. 

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His: Men don’t talk about personal things.
Hers: I need more friends to confide in.

His: I’ll be fine.
Hers: I need to see a doctor. 

His: Denies he is 1 in 5.
Hers: Knows she is 1 in 5.

His: She doesn’t understand.
Hers: He doesn’t understand. 

They share a home.
They share children.
They share a bed.
They share life.

They are strangers, set apart by depression and anxiety . . . that they also share. 

They are historical, generational, and these strangers . . . they still live together . . .  everywhere. 

Tia Hawkins

Tia is a Writer/Blogger, Registered Nurse, Military Spouse, Mom and Spiritual Christian who currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA. Tia is an avid wisdom seeker and sharer. She has a love for tea, shopping, helping others heal as well as the continuing pursuit of her own healing journey. Tia's unique perspective writing focuses on a wide variety of topics including grief, loss, mental health, parenting and faith. You can share life with Tia at www.she-wrote.com on the web or find her at her She Wrote social media accounts.