His: Keeps him wired and going nonstop, he can’t sit still and is constantly working even at home.
Hers: Keeps her depleted of energy and begging for a life she once knew.

His: Keeps him emotionally withdrawn.
Hers: Keeps her emotionally addicted.

His: Keeps his sleep schedule as a reward system, able to fall asleep mid-sentence, and remain until dawn.
Hers: Keeps her tossing and turning unable to let the thoughts pass like the night does.

His: Buries it all, if he can’t think it, he can’t feel it.
Hers: Feels everything and everyone.

His: Keeps the thoughts to himself.
Hers: Needs to talk it all out.

His: I’ve gotta keep it together.
Hers: I’m completely unraveled.

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His: There’s no room for weakness.
Hers: I’m so weak. 

His: Shots of tequila as temporary relief.
Hers: Shopping sprees as a permanent vice. 

His: She’s let herself go.
Hers: Who am I anymore?

His: She doesn’t want me anymore.
Hers: He doesn’t love me like he used to. 

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His: Men don’t talk about personal things.
Hers: I need more friends to confide in.

His: I’ll be fine.
Hers: I need to see a doctor. 

His: Denies he is 1 in 5.
Hers: Knows she is 1 in 5.

His: She doesn’t understand.
Hers: He doesn’t understand. 

They share a home.
They share children.
They share a bed.
They share life.

They are strangers, set apart by depression and anxiety . . . that they also share. 

They are historical, generational, and these strangers . . . they still live together . . .  everywhere. 

Tia Hawkins

Tia is a Writer/Brand Owner, Registered Nurse, Military Spouse, Mom and Spiritual Christian who currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA. Tia is an avid wisdom seeker and sharer. She has a love for tea, shopping, helping others heal as well as continuing pursuit of her own healing journey. Her unique perspective writing focuses on a wide variety of topics including mental health, motherhood, grief and relatable life topics. You can join the “Tea Talk” community and Tia at www.teatalkswithtia.com on the web or find her passionately sharing and seeking on her @teatalkswithtia social media accounts.