I see it in your face.

The stress. The frustration.

You came home from work two weeks ago and life was normal. You never knew there wouldn’t be a job to return to come Monday morning.

I know how difficult it is for you to sit at home and wonder when you’ll work again. You try to keep busy with projects, but you’re worried about how long this can last. When will things go back to normal? How long can we stretch our savings for?

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The world spins and teeters in unprecedented movements. All around us is fear and anxiety, sickness and lost jobs. And it’s hit home for us, too.

You have been this family’s sole provider.

You’ve taken care of us so well, but now, it’s been taken from your hands.

There is nothing to be done, and you feel helpless. It’s out of your control.

But I want you to know, just how much it means to me that we’re in this together.

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For richer or for poorer.

In sickness and in health.

To love and to cherish.

Until death do us part.

We’ve clung to those vows throughout the entirety of our marriage.

Through miscarriages and the burial of our firstborn, through the death of a parent, through job changes and church moves, through the stress and through the laughter, the lean times and the times of abundance. Together.

And we’ll face this together, too.

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Side by side and hand in hand. We’ll kneel together in prayer to offer these worries before the God who has proven Himself faithful time and time again. When the world cries panic and the bank account begins to fizzle before our eyes, we’ll remain rooted in trust. In hope.

Our marriage has been defined by the assurance of One greater than ourselves. So when the pressure rises and builds, may we find ourselves once again on our knees, together.

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No matter what comes, no matter what tomorrow holds, you’re not holding this family on your own. We’ll carry these weights as two. We’ll love hard and pray harder. We’ll fight for family, and we’ll do what needs to be done.

Because we’ll face this.


Liz Mannegren

Liz lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and two littles. She is the mother of seven beautiful babies: carrying two in her arms but an extra five in her heart. You can read more of her writing at MommyMannegren.com or follow along on Instagram and Facebook.