Sometimes we just don’t fit in.

I don’t mean when someone accidentally forgets to invite us to something or a group of friends happens to meet up without us.

I mean that kind of not fitting in where you’re surrounded . . . but alone.

You’re tolerated but not celebrated.

You’re used but not welcomed.

You’re in it but not a part of it.

You’re there because it’s where circumstances have put you . . . but the people would have never chosen you.

And you know it.

And it hurts.

And it feels like there is nothing you can do about it.

Maybe you haven’t been there, but I have.

As I was placing a nativity, I was distracted by a kid needing my help. When I came back, I noticed Mary sitting alone, and I had to wonder if she ever felt that same way.

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Was she ever surrounded while actually feeling very left out?

She wouldn’t have fit in with the religious crowd. After all, she was with child before marriage.

I wonder what Joseph’s family thought about her? Her sudden pregnancy, not from Joseph, couldn’t have gone over well. How would they have felt about that?

She wouldn’t have fit in with the other women. She was pregnant and yet had not known a man. How could she have even related to them? And who would have even believed her? What woman wouldn’t have talked behind her back?

She had a baby in a stable?

Not good enough for so many.

Her newborn was a threat to the Kingdom?

Too much for most people to handle.

People worshipped her son?

Who did she think she was? Surely other mothers couldn’t handle that type of competition.

Where would she have fit in?

I can’t think of anywhere.

Yet . . .

She found her place holding the Son of GOD close.

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She found her place at her son’s, her Savior’s, feet.

She found her place at the foot of the cross.

She found her place with Jesus.

What a beautiful reminder for those of us who might not feel like we fit in nor accepted.

HE not only wants us.

HE not only accepts us.

HE desires us.

HE loves us.

HE loves you.

Come find your place . . . it’s with Jesus.

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Kristin Kerley

Kristin is a wife, mother of 6, homeschool teacher, and breast cancer survivor. More than anything though, she wants to be known as someone who loves Jesus and wants to share HIM with the world!