My oldest walked over to me as I stood at the kitchen island prepping dinner. In the midst of music playing and witching-hour-tantrums from her younger siblings, she silently taped a piece of paper to my shirt and wandered off. If I could go back to that moment and look at the writing on the paper right away, I would. But I serve a gracious God, and He wrote a beautiful story within this moment. I saw there was a doodle on it and a few words but didn’t have the time to read what it said. I was too busy to see the gift God placed directly on my heart. So, I continued chopping veggies.

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Hours later, after dinner was made and devoured, after the dishes were washed and put away, after giggles filled the house, I saw my reflection in the bathroom mirror. As my youngest was playing in the bathtub behind me, I saw leftover mascara from yesterday, unwashed hair sticking up in every direction, unknown stains on my shirt, and that small forgotten piece of paper.

To: Molly
From: God

It was a gift tag.

I cried all the tears. Heavy sobs turned into silent shaking as my knees weakened and I fell to the floor thanking the Lord for His gentle reminder. I am a gift.

I am broken and still a gift.

I struggle with pride and am still a gift.

I am stressed and still a gift.

I am a gift.

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Most days as a mom of an 8-year-old and triplet 6-year-olds, I don’t feel like the right woman for the job. I feel unqualified and confused, questioning if I am getting this parenting thing right. I feel inadequate and anxious. I feel a lot of things, but I never remember often enough that God chose these humans to be with me. I am a gift to them just as much as they are a gift to me.

“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him” (Psalm 127:3, NLT).

“Her children stand and bless her” (Proverbs 31:28, NLT).

I immediately pulled the tag off my shirt and stuck it to my bathroom mirror. I see this beautiful reminder each and every day.

A reminder to parent with grace because God didn’t screw up when he made me a mother. A reminder to slow down and enjoy the small moments with them while they are still little. A reminder to love gently and with joy. A reminder, above all, that God is in control. He is orchestrating something beautiful and for that I am grateful.

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My daughter had no idea how important that tag would become. She doesn’t yet understand how much motherhood tears a heart to pieces. And whether or not she knew what she was doing, I am forever grateful she has the Holy Spirit living in her. She was obedient to His soft whisper that day. 

These quiet nudges come into our lives daily if we are still enough to recognize them.

You are a gift right where you are. You are a gift in your home. You are a gift in your workplace. Do not doubt your placement or your qualifications. The Lord is teaching you, growing you, and molding you into the woman He created you to be. The crushing and rebuilding will be uncomfortable, but when He finally gets the victory it is all worth it. Stand confidently in that and never forget how much of a gift you are to those around you. You are a gift.

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