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I can’t really see anything right now, but I know you’re there.
All of the sounds I hear are kind of jumbled, but I know your voice.
I’m running out of room, and I don’t know what will happen next.
The only thing I really know?
Is you, Mommy.

Now all I hear is beeping
And people’s voices I don’t know.
It’s so much louder out here.
But then I hear someone say my name.
It’s you, Mommy.
I hear your voice start to talk to me, and it’s perfect.

It’s like your voice was made just for me.

What’s happening in my little nose?
This big place smells so different.
I’m starting to get overwhelmed because everything is just so new.
But then they put me on your chest.
It’s you, Mommy.
As I catch my breath, I smell you, and it’s perfect.
It’s like your smell was made just for me.

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It’s so cold out here.
I want to go back where I was warm.
Everything is changing, and I don’t like it.
But then you hold me.
I feel your heartbeat again and your fingers on my cheeks.
It’s you, Mommy.
I’m safe in your arms, and it’s perfect.
It’s like your arms were made just for me.

Uh oh. I think I’m getting hungry.
I don’t know how this works out here.
All of a sudden, I’m scared again.
But then you lift me up and tell me we’ll figure it out.

Of course, we will—because it’s you, Mommy.

You’re making everything better.
As I eat, you kiss my head, and it’s perfect.
It’s like your kisses were made just for me.

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Everything seems to be calming down now.
There aren’t as many noises.
My belly is full, and I’m comfy in your arms.
I want to fall asleep.
But then I open my eyes.
It’s you, Mommy.
You smile at me and a tear falls down your cheek.
I hope you’re happy, Mommy, because I am.
You tell me you love me, and it’s perfect.
It’s like your love was made just for me.

Christina Egbert

I am "Mama" to a beautiful little boy who is always running around the house . . . while I try not to be too far behind (mentally and physically).  My husband and I met when we were in middle school together; he asked me on our first date nine years later. As someone who works in marketing for higher education, I know the importance of a person's story. I hope that you enjoy mine.

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