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I will always look back on my childhood as a magical time. I remember feeling happy, safe, taken care of, comfortable, and loved.

I didn’t realize—or appreciate—at the time that my mother was the magician behind it all.

That? I discovered only after becoming a mother myself.

We are the reason favorite sweaters and pajamas can always be found readily available, washed, and neatly folded in drawers.

We are responsible for keeping the fridge and pantry consistently stocked.

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We make sure dentist and doctor appointments are scheduled and attended.

We keep the paperwork up to date and the files organized while also saving most of it to memory.

We plan every party from the menu down to the guest list, favors, mailbox balloons and thank you notes that follow.

We notice when their wardrobes are getting a little snug or short and replenish accordingly.

We make sure everyone’s prepared for picture day, pajama day, purple shirt day, and show and tell.

We dress the wounds and kiss the owies.

We plan the holidays, buy the costumes, fill the stockings, wrap the presents, and decorate the house.

We sing songs, play dolls and dress up, do arts and crafts, paint nails, and make the sound effects.

We obsess over their nutrition and hydration, keeping them warm, applying the sunscreen, holding their hand across the street, and lifting them up when they’re down.

Some of what we do takes center stage. Much of it happens behind the scenes. It is often thankless and exhausting. But as mothers, we have been called to serve, and so . . . we do.

It’s not that we believe ourselves superior to our male counterparts. We’re just wired differently. From the moment we enter motherhood, we commit to always being one step ahead.

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We live to make them feel special.

To see them light up.

To ensure, with every fiber of their being, that they know they are loved.

To make their childhood magical.

Even if they don’t realize it until they have children of their own.

If you’re lucky enough to still have your mother around, thank her. Call her up, send a text, write a letter, or pay her a visit. Let her know you are grateful for every ounce of energy and effort she exerted out of pure and unconditional love.

And if you come across a mom who looks as if she hasn’t slept, eaten, or sat down in a while—especially in the holiday-filled months to come—go easy.

She’s busy doing everything in her power to make the magic happen.

Originally published on the author’s blog

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Jess Lisbeth

Jess is a wife and mother of two who resides with her family in Northeast Wisconsin. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she has spent nearly 20 years lending her copywriting skills to various corporate entities and currently serves on the marketing team for a Wisconsin-based health system. When she isn’t busy writing, she enjoys following Wisconsin sports, fulfilling her addiction to Dave Matthews Band, and spending time with family.

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