Boy moms know there is nothing worse than walking into your child’s bathroom, especially when it’s time to clean. Most days, I would rather take my chances at the gas station down the street than the toilet room conveniently located down the hall from my workspace. It never fails that I step in some form a liquid; is it water…it is urine? The jury is out as I rarely catch my little man missing the pot in action, although I know this to be true.

Mom and blogger Meredith Masony knows this struggle all too well. In a video rant that has gone viral, Masony puts into words what boy moms everywhere silently struggle with everyday. In the video, the mom to 10-year-old and six-year-old boys, explains in simple terms how to get urine into a toilet bowl. Ya know, where it’s supposed to go. In the hilarious video, Masony even demonstrates how to lift up the toilet seat before showing her boys and little men (and grown men too), the simple difference between the inside of the bowl, and the outside.

“I was literally cleaning the toilet when I had enough,” Masony says. “It smelled terrible in the bathroom, and I was on my hands and knees literally cleaning urine. I stopped what I was doing and got my Mac book. I started to record.”

Stating that her bathroom smelled like a subway station, moms everywhere feel her pain. Do our little guys need a target in the bowl? Is it that hard to control where the urine will end up? Not owning the male anatomy, I can only make guesses at why this seems to be such an huge problem in households across the country.

Apparently, this ‘missing the mark’ peeing epidemic has become so commonplace that Clorox came out with a Urine Remover earlier this year. While the company markets the product to remove urine odor from pets, its use for human boys can be found all over Pinterest and other social media platforms. Hilarious memes with a picture of the new cleaning product with the words, ‘because boys,’ have been shared thousands of times.

Masony says it’s that humor that helps her stay sane as a mom to two sons.’

“If I don’t laugh, I might cry,” she says. “Life is exhausting but I try to find the funny so we can discuss everyday life and survive.”

She does just that on her blog That’s Inappropriate, where Masony shares her hysterical insights on motherhood and life. Her urine rant video is just the latest in a number of posts and videos that have gone viral. It’s obvious she has struck a chord with moms everywhere, especially with her most recent video.

There are so many issues where moms don’t see eye to eye, but this is one issue in which we can band together. “Inside the toilet bowl.” Period.

Kimberly Patterson

Kimberly Patterson is a writer, wife and mother of two adorable, over-zealous toddlers. She spends her days in yoga pants, pecking away at the keys on her laptop and pulling her kids off of whatever household furniture they climb upon. She has been published on The Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, Her View From Home, The Mighty, and several other publications. Read more of her insights at