“I’m gonna be a firefighter when I grow up,” you proudly announced through a mouthful of Captain Crunch this morning.  “What do YOU wanna be, Mommy?”

I paused for a second.

If you had asked me that same question years ago, little one, my answers would have impressed you.

I would have told you I wanted to be a professional soccer player, or an actress, or a surgeon. I would have said I wanted to move east to New York City or west to the California coast. 

Yet here I am, and none of those things have happened. Not one.

Sometimes I think of the dreams I’ve left behind and feel a little disappointed in myself. I get sucked into the belief that this life I’m living as a mom is small. Insignificant, even. Because who wants to grow up to wipe bums and clean chocolate milk off of the couch? Where’s the glory in that?

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But then you tell me I’m your best friend in the whole wide world. 

Or your eyes light up when I come into the room.

Or you do something that makes me so proud I think my heart’s going to burst right out of my chest . . .

I’m reminded—being your mom isn’t small.

Being your mom is more than I ever could have dreamed.

I may never walk up on stage and be handed a trophy, but I have sat in a delivery room bed while a seven-pound, seven-ounce gift was placed in my arms.

My name isn’t well-known, but I’m the only one who will ever know the honor of you calling me mommy. 

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I won’t be a doctor who saves countless lives, but I will be the biggest influence in yours.

I’ll probably never have a huge bank account, but I’ll gladly put my last quarter in the mechanical horse at the grocery store if it makes you smile.

I may never accomplish anything grand enough to impress the masses, but I have something even better.

I have you.

You are my proudest moment, my biggest success, my greatest contribution to this world.

When you asked me that question at breakfast, it brought everything into perspective.

I looked around the kitchen at the dishes piled in the sink. The toys scattered on the floor. The artwork on the refrigerator.

And then I looked at you—my whole world.

This, honey. I just want to be your mom when I grow up.” And I meant it.

I am your mommy, and there’s nothing in this life that could ever make me more proud.

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Casey Huff

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