Here I am, wearing my husbands wrinkly shirt because my body doesn’t feel good in my own clothes still (I forgot the shirt in the dryer for too long—four days too long, to be exact).

I sit here with the most gorgeous humans on the planet sleeping peacefully on me while my back pushed up against the wall aches and feels like it’s on fire.

But they need sleep. So I’ll sit here until they wake up.

I haven’t left the house in a few days and probably won’t go outside anytime soon with this Midwest winter weather.

I honestly feel kind of trapped in here.

And so blessed.
And annoyed.
And grateful.

And I’m feeling like I’ll never get my personal life back.

Yet, I’m not sure I even want it back.

And so it goes. The constant wishy-washy thoughts and feelings of being a mama.

Going from the mentality of complete joy to how-the-heck-do-I-do-this.

I know we were made for this, though.

God created moms because He knew they could do this.

He knew they would sacrifice their comfort, their convenience, their bodies, and their pre-kid lifestyle for those sweet babies.

He knew they would do everything in their power to care for and nurture their little ones.

He knew because He put that in us. He mixed it into our DNA.

And He was right. As usual.

But He never expects us to do this alone.

Even though we call Him “God the Father”, He wants to mother along side of us.

So I’ll sit here, with Jesus and my babies, and cherish these moments He created for me.

Sore back and all.

We were made for this. We got this, mamas.

This article originally appeared on The Unraveling


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Kelli Bachara

Kelli Bachara is a wife and mom to two sweet kiddos. She is a mental health therapist, writer, and podcaster. Kelli loves her Goldendoodle, coffee, and this beautiful thing called life. You can find her at