Have you ever opened your mouth and heard your mother come out? I often hear this from adults as something negative. We sometimes worry we are becoming our parents. Often, it’s something we try to avoid. Other times, it’s something we fully embrace. 

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The older I get and the further along in my parenting journey I travel, the more I realize becoming like my parents isn’t always a bad thing. 

And I certainly wouldn’t want our daughter or sons to feel becoming like me is something negative. I want our kids to grow up to be their unique selves, but I hope any influence I have over them will be positive, life-giving, healthy, and honorable. Although I am far from a perfect parent, I hope I do enough to make our kids proud. I hope I do enough to ensure our kids always know they are fiercely loved and cherished. 

I pray if our kids recognize they are becoming more like me or saying something like I did, they will embrace it because I hope I have parented them in a way they would be proud to emulate. At the same time, I hope they each are learning who they are and growing deeper into who they were created to be. 

I pray they see how hard I love them and love their own children with the same intensity. 

I pray when they open their mouths and their mother comes out, it is because they are lifting someone up, spilling love, or encouraging someone. 

I pray when they open their arms and their mother comes out, it is because they are squeezing love into someone or hugging someone who is hurting. 

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I pray I have loved and parented in a way that will make any one of our children proud if they see themselves acting like or saying something I do. I also pray they will take what they have learned and make it their own. I hope they become everything they were made to be. Our children are each special and uniquely wonderful, and I hope they can fully embrace who they are. 

I pray I have made them proud as a mother, encourager, and supporter. I pray I have set healthy examples in forgiveness, emotional health, humility, strength, and thankfulness.

And when I haven’t been the most patient parent, I hope to set the example of asking for forgiveness and constantly trying to improve myself. Or when I don’t set an example I would be proud to see our kids emulate, I hope they have the ability to learn from my mistakes and set a more healthy example for their own kids.

I pray I have given them the wings to fully become who they are. I want nothing more than for them to become who they were uniquely designed to be.

As their mother, I have such an important influence on them, and I hope I do enough. 

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So, if the time comes when one of our kids opens his or her mouth and hears me, I hope it will provide a sense of satisfaction, and my kids will be proud to do or say something like I did. 


Emily Scott

Emily Scott, PhD, is a stay at home mom of three, and part time parenting consultant and blogger who has written and spoken on various parenting topics including child development, ACEs, and tips on raising responsible kids.