Dear Mom,

Before they were mine, I was yours. 

Before they wrapped their tiny little hands around my finger I wrapped mine around yours. 

Before I knew how to walk you taught me I could fly. 

Before I learned to doubt, you taught me to always believe. 

Before they were mine, I was yours.

Mom, when the world felt too big, you made it feel like home. 

When the journey felt too long, you reminded me to take one step at a time. 

When the heartache felt unbearable you reminded me to breathe. 

When my dreams seemed far fetched, you helped me reach higher.

When the world felt too big, you made it feel like home.

Mom, when it rained, you made me look forward to the rainbow.

When I felt stuck in the storm you handed me an umbrella and told me to dance in the rain. 

When the sun was shining you made sure we soaked it in together. And together, we jumped into the ocean and leaped into the lake. Together, we chased fireflies and picked dandelions. 

When it rained, you made me look forward to the rainbow.

Mom, before they were mine I was yours. 

Before someone called me “Mama” you showed me what it was to be a mom.

Before I felt my heart grow, you taught me it was possible. 

Before I held my sweet baby boys for the first time, you told me they would be the best gift I had ever received. You were right. 

Sometimes when I hold their hands, I remember holding yours.

I remember you brushing my hair and telling me the world was waiting for us, and sometimes, I remember our days at the lake . . . when the world stopped for us.

Before they were mine, I was yours.

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Jennifer Lizza

Jennifer Lizza is a wife, mom, writer, runner, sleep enthusiast, and blogger at Outsmarted Mommy. Her two boys outsmart her daily, although in her defense it could be the lack of sleep. When Jennifer isn't writing, running, or daydreaming about a nap, she can often be found enjoying pizza and ice cream with her husband and sons in New Jersey. Follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.