My nose. I’ve always hated my nose.

Let’s be honest, I’ve hated a lot of my body over the years.

Looking in the mirror, forced to stare at all of the imperfections I’ve always been sensitive to hasn’t been my favorite activity.

Then one day after losing my mother, I looked in the mirror, and to my surprise, I saw her.

I saw my reflection, but hers, too.

It was me, but suddenly I saw less of my flaws and more of her beauty.

I no longer hated my nose because it meant hating hers, too. Instead of wishing it were different, I was thankful it was just as it was, a reflection of her.

Funny how the things I used to dislike, are the things that now make me feel special. They remind me I am her daughter. A piece of her that remains, even when she’s gone.

I no longer look for flaws in the mirror. I look for her.

And I always end up smiling, because she’s there, staring right back at me.

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Chelsea Ohlemiller

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