You’ll never regret having more kids.⁣

Let me finish that sentence properly. You’ll never regret having more kids once that child is here.⁣

You may regret it when you’re 34 weeks pregnant, and it takes so much effort to do the littlest things.⁣

You may regret it when you’re in labor with an excruciating pain dominating your whole being. A pain so intense that your breath is taken away, and sweat forms in places you didn’t know produced sweat.⁣

But once that baby slides into the hands of your OB/Gyn/midwife and is placed on your chest, something changes.⁣

Skin-to-skin, and any regret disappears.⁣

Because the second that child enters this world, he’ll steal a part of your heart you didn’t know you had left to give.⁣

That no matter the level of chaos she brings— the addition to the laundry load, the mental load, and the endless mess—she’s worth it.⁣

No matter how much you can’t afford her.⁣

No matter how much time you don’t have.⁣

All of those doubts—will just become things you’ll figure out.⁣

And you’ll make it work—because she’s more important.⁣

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You know this is so because when he leaves the house, there will be no sigh of relief— just an absence, a loud piercing silence. A presence missing that can’t be filled by anyone but him.

His cackling laugh when he thinks something is over the top funny.⁣

The way he says things in that comical deep voice when mocking you.⁣

His warm embrace, with his body, and his smell.⁣

The way he enters a room and the way his other siblings react to him.⁣

Her personality becomes a part of you.⁣

It becomes something you crave and need to get through the day.⁣

Because you love her that much—⁣you aren’t whole without a dosage of her.⁣

You aren’t whole without all of your kids being with you—⁣and you’ll never regret that kind of love.⁣

Note: A lot of people suffer from postpartum depression and won’t feel the feelings described above right away, and I want you to know that’s more than okay and completely common. You are not alone.

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Dani Sherman-Lazar

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