I’ve never been into name brands. I’ve never purchased a pair of shoes more than $100. The most expensive purse I own was a gift from my sister. However, before having my son I managed to pull myself together most days to include a stylish outfit, curled hair and makeup. 

Pregnancy, breastfeeding and caring for a baby changed all of this.

A few weeks after I gave birth, I literally went over to friend’s house with shoes that didn’t match. Much to my dismay, others were quick to point this out. Luckily I found humor in the situation and was able to laugh right along with them.

I’m not leaving the house anymore with mismatched shoes but I am leaving each morning a different version of myself. My style has changed. I no longer spend 15 minutes each morning curling my hair. In fact, I recently cut off five inches of hair to make styling easier and prevent having my hair pulled on by a certain someone. Although fancy hair and manicured nails are no longer in my wheel house, I have learned to appreciate my new found mom fashion.

Here’s how my style evolved to mom jeans:

Pre-pregnancy: Wake up, shower, dry and curl hair. Spend a minimum of 15 minutes rummaging through my closet and trying on two to three different outfits for the day. Carefully select the proper shoes to accentuate the accent color of my shirt. A typical outfit includes a pencil skirt and high heels.

Pregnancy (second trimester): Feeling energized at this stage of pregnancy so I’m still spending a substantial amount of time on hair and make-up each morning. Self-righteously think that I’ll continue this through pregnancy and continue wasting money on trendy maternity clothes.

Pregnancy (third trimester): Roll out of bed after hitting the snooze button three times. Feel like a beached whale and alternate each day between the two outfits that still fit me comfortably, despite the array of cute maternity clothing that is hanging in my closet.

Breastfeeding: Wake up with milk stains on my shirt. Think to myself that I should change my shirt but fail to do so because the baby needs to eat again. I do manage to change from my black yoga pants to my navy yoga pants. Quickly put on a cardigan that covers milk stains on shirt. Think about showering but opt for dry shampoo.


Post baby and beyond: Shower as quickly as I can before baby wakes up. Comfort trumps style. I mentally note everything in my mind that I need to pack for daycare. Pick up those mom jeans in the back of my closet and find my flats that go with every outfit. Who wants to carry a baby and car seat around in high heels?

I know that I may be a less trendy version of myself but I also know that I could care less. Though my style has changed significantly, my new sidekick never judges me based on my looks. Despite my lack of preparation each day, I’ve never felt better with my son in my arms.


Sarah Sheridan

Sarah Sheridan is a Digital Marketing and PR professional by day and a ninja by night. Her ninja skills include performing household chores in complete silence, eating food in a matter of seconds, and opening doors before the mailman can ring the bell. These are all skills she has mastered in order to be a productive adult and maintain a naptime schedule for her baby boy. As a first-time mom, she is learning the ropes of parenting one day at a time.