A mother’s intuition is real, and it evolves quickly. But, it can be hard to recognize when you are a new mom.

When I was 8-weeks postpartum, my husband and I had tickets to a concert that we bought when I was pregnant. I was riddled with postpartum anxiety at the time, but everyone in my circle told me it was time to get out. It was time for me to have a break from my newborn baby. My anxiety would just get worse unless I did something. It was important to spend time with my husband and friends. I begrudgingly decided to go. I was in tears as I got ready. I had my first ever panic attack at the concert. 

I knew I wasn’t ready to leave my baby.

I felt it deep in my gut, but I ignored my feelings because I also felt like I had no idea what I was doing and I just needed to listen to others. I learned my lesson. What I really needed was to stop listening to others so much and get in tune with myself. 

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I think as a new mom it is hard to trust this new intuition that you didn’t know existed. And the thing is, it used to not exist. It was born in you along with your baby. It’s actually scientifically proven that mothers’  brains change. You have this crazy new set of Spidey senses that you didn’t have before you were a mom. 

Because you are in this weird, sleep-deprived, anxious, joyous, beautiful time, you often reach out for advice, questioning everything. There is an overwhelming amount of information available at our fingertips. It is so easy to silence our own voice with the opinions of others. 

You join mommy groups, follow parent gurus, and google everything. It can feel like everyone knows better than you.

But the thing is, not a single person knows your baby better than you. 

As you transform into a mother, acknowledging your intuition allows you to connect and evolve. Listening to your gut boosts your confidence and gives you strength. It is not always easy to do what you know is right for your baby because of all the noise suggesting you do something else. It sounds bizarre, but it is true. When you are vulnerable and scared and tired and stressed and healing, it can all be just so overwhelming. 

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But, momma, you are fierce. You are strong. You are resilient. You are wise. You have an intuition inside you made just for your baby. Acknowledge, listen, and follow this beautiful part of yourself. 

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Chassey Foster

I am a freelance writer and momma to the best, spunkiest little girl. I'm learning to navigate motherhood by acknowledging and listening to my intuition, going for daily walks, and eating lots of cheese and dark chocolate. 

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