You guys, my hubby is home! In honor of having our little tribe back together, I thought My Family Recipe would be a great way to express how fulfilled our hearts are now that we have one of our favorite ingredients back.

My Family Recipe

My Family Recipe Ingredients:

Flour – This ingredient is not the most exciting ingredient alone, it’s lacking in flavor and color, and it is responsible for the largest portion of the family recipe. It’s our daily lives, a sometimes mundane, but essential part of this recipe. As you mature, you begin to discover, life can not be stimulating at all times. And when a piece of the family is missing, we yearn so badly for the days of repetition and predictability in our lives.

Salt – Thankfully, this recipe only calls for a pinch of this ingredient, but let’s face it, life has its salty moments. Everyone argues from time to time and you know what, it’s OK. I don’t know about you, but life would be a snooze fest without freedom to have our opinion and passion about certain topics, even if they are different than our family members. We find strength and courage when we are challenged and I believe this is how we develop into the best version of ourselves. That said, there are also the less complicated, yet salty exchanges – babe, can you please keep your socks OFF the floor? MmmK moving on…

Eggs – This ingredient is the glue and what holds us all together. Our values make up this ingredient, the teachable moments that we learn from our children and that they are learning from us. Character building is at the center of this key ingredient. Here are a few we believe to be important: God is first, family is a close second, our manners do matter, choose kindness always, we’ve been given so much, be grateful and give back, you are never alone, and make time for prayers everyday.

Butter – This ingredient holds our most tender feelings. It’s our tears and fears, our inner vulnerable selves, that we trust only with each other. It’s deep and rich and so very much needed.

Baking Soda/Powder – When life falls flat this ingredient is essential to lift each other up, assuring that we rise above our circumstances and never give up. Tomorrow is a blank canvas, create something beautiful, but only after coffee.

Sugar – This right here is the sweetness in life and the tastiest of all of the components. The sugar in our family recipe is the comfort, the sound of laughter, beautiful smiling faces, it’s all the firsts, the tight hugs around our neck, it’s waking up together on Christmas morning, spending weekends making memories, it’s date nights for me and the Mr. and it’s the validation for us, that even on the toughest days, there will always be a moment of sweetness, so embrace it.

There you have it. It’s really very simple. Individually, the ingredients wouldn’t be much to indulge in, but when mixed all together, it truly is delicious.



My Family Recipe

Tiffany Campione

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