Submitted by Connie Jelkin

Have you been out and about? I must say, it is easy for me to stay in my air-conditioned house! I hope that has more to do with the weather than my age or just plain laziness.

But if you can budge yourself off the couch, I’ll meet you at the theatre. It is so much fun to just get out and see who else made it out, let alone take in some of the great entertainment.

Notice the phone. That is an important piece to this story.

Last night my husband, daughter and myself we able to take in a show:  “Rock Legends”. That first blast of summer heat is quickly offset by the welcoming smiles of the Boy Scouts as they graciously open the door for us.

Already I’m feeling glad I came. The lobby is full of others who braved the heat to come have some fun. Smiles are everywhere!

Crane greeting us in the Merryman lobby

The show was full of music and laughs. The musicians were out of this world and the songs brought back some fun memories.

I could sit there and just let the music wash over me or get on the edge of my seat and clap and sing with others in the crowd. I will say, though, my daughter drew the line with me waving my phone.

( I put the app on with the lighter so I could show appreciation for the music. ) She was mortified, so I will have to wave my lighter at the next show.

Hope to see you there!

Here’s the schedule for the upcoming events at the Merryman Performing Arts Theater

This concert was “Rock Legends” in honor of Cruise night. So HERE’s the rest of the schedule for Kearney’s Cruise Night Weekend.

Source – Lighter

Connie Jelkin

I have been a Librarian for over 25 years in both the public library and now in the school system. I really feel that it is important to teach kids the love of books and reading. That being said, I love going to all kinds of movies and plays with my husband, Jim. Everyone says that he is a very patient man.