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Editor’s note: 1997 was 26 years ago. Twenty-six. Let’s just get that painful detail out of the way. The 1990s were not five years ago. They weren’t even 10 years ago. Twenty. Six. We’re in this together. 

It’s been the summer of Taylor Swift, hasn’t it? Ticket pre-sales, Eras Tour adventures, and so many photos and videos of the pop star of the century. She’s everywhere. 

And that’s great. We all love us some TSwift. As a fellow mom who went with her teenage daughter to a concert this summer confessed to me, “I think I’m a Swiftie now.” 

But before there was Taylor, there was a golden age of pop music anyone taking preemptive ibuprofen and having in-depth discussions about property taxes knows was the actual best: ’90s boy bands.

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We had Feelings capital F on which band was better, debating the merits of 5-part harmonies and frosted tips as if our teenage lives depended on it. We bought their CDs and popped them into our after-market CD players in cheap cars.  

Then we grew up and got jobs and mortgages and families—and the boy bands just faded away.  

Until now, maybe?! 

Rumors are flying around the internet that *NSYNC is reuniting—sort of. 

JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, and Justin Timberlake are rumored to have recorded a new original song for the upcoming Universal Pictures movie, Trolls Band Together. JT, of course, voices Branch opposite Anna Kendrick’s Poppy in the wildly successful franchise.  

The official trailer certainly seems to hint at the possibility (“We’re out of sync. We’ve gone from boys to men, and now there’s only one direction for us to go: the backstreets,” a pink-haired troll says) and the internet has been rife with rumors for weeks. 

New Yorkers spotted posters scattered throughout the city for the film too, with a QR code that takes you to this website. The iconic asterisk and blocky letter “N” from *NSYNC’s logo fills the page, and when you click “play” a whistling tune plays on loop. 

It may not be an announcement about a Taylor-scale reunion tour (I mean, how AMAZING would that be?!) but thinking about blasting a new *NSYNC tune in my SUV while my kids are trapped in the backseat feeling righteously embarrassed? That’s the stuff former-90s-kids-turned-middle-aged-parents dream about. 

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And if anyone’s going to download that song the minute it’s released online, you know it’s gonna be me. 

(Heh. Sorry, you know I had to.) 

PS—Get on that reunion tour, alright boys? I want you back.


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