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Dear daughter,

Before God knit you in my womb, I was wandering around aimlessly, searching for a purpose. I had changed my mind several times about what I wanted to do with my life. I felt so much pressure to figure out what I truly wanted. I rushed into career ideas, only to realize I wanted absolutely nothing to do with any of them. I started grad school, only to quit in three weeks. I was crushed and defeated.

I begged God to show me His plan, to give me a purpose. I begged Him to give me something I felt confident in and could glorify Him through. I needed something to fill that void in my life. Little did I know, He had the best surprise in store for me.

When I found out about you, my whole world shifted. Nothing else mattered but you. The love I have for you began the second I knew about you. And it has only grown since then.

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I braved the ups and downs of pregnancy because every little bump in the road put me closer to meeting you. You gave me a reason to push forward on the toughest days. Feeling your little kicks inside my belly gave me an energy I didn’t know possible. Every single kick reassured me you were doing just fine, and so was I.

The day you were born was a breath of fresh air. For nine months, I had held my breath in anticipation of you and all the joy you would bring me. Breathing you in for the first time brought me back to life.

For the first time in my life, I felt like I truly had everything I ever wanted. It gave me a sense of peace I had never felt before.

As you know, our journey has not been the easiest. I have experienced a level of anxiety that has, at times, consumed me because all I do is worry about you. I love you so much I think about you every second of every day. 

Because of you, I found myself. The part of me that was lost, searching for who I was meant to be, is gone. Instead, she is replaced by a mama who loves her daughter endlessly and has rediscovered her passions in life. She is replaced by a woman who works harder and harder each day to serve God wherever He calls her.

You did that, sweet girl. You made your mama whole again.

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God gave me you because he knew you would push me to be the greatest version of myself. He knew my ultimate purpose in this life was to raise you and teach you to be a woman who stands strong in her faith.

God gave me you to teach me and show me how to be a better woman. To glorify Him in the change you made in me. He knows I will fight for you till my very last breath.

Because of you, I see even more why it is so important to have a relationship with Him. To give it all over to Him. To seek Him in the darkest times. He is the light of the world. You are one of the many proofs that He is real. He is here. He is the one true king. You are part of my testimony. Because of you, I feel so passionate about shouting His name from the rooftops.

You are my gift from God. He formed you inside me to give me a purpose. He formed you inside me to give you a purpose.

I am so thankful He did.


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Jocelyn Hurt

Christian, wife, first-time mama, daughter, sister, friend. I love expressing myself through music and writing. I hope to inspire others and to help lead my family and those around me to Christ.

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