For the woman who needs to hear this at this time. 

You are special because you are made in His image. 

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The One within me keeps you calm. He is the rock. Hold on to Him, don’t let go.

And even when you let go, search for Him. He is close by. 

It is the One true God who keeps you alive. He keeps you and holds you through every step of your life. You are still here. You are here for a reason.

Breathe, dear sister, and hold on. 

The King of kings keeps you on point. Listen to Him. Talk to Him. 

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The Father of fathers keeps you whole. Without Him, we cannot survive. 

The Son of men sees you. And know you are important.

The Water of water refreshes you. Stay close to Him. He will guide you. 

He is the One. He is the Truth. He is here waiting for you.

Hold on, dear sister. You are not alone. 


My name is Melanie. I am married and a mother.