This art activity sounds very messy! Trust me when I say that this will be the cleanest way to splatter paint everywhere. Let’s get spinning! 

Simply follow the steps to start spinning your paint:

  • Select a plastic salad spinner that you don’t mind getting messy
  • Pick your favorite colors of paint. This is a great time to learn colors!
  • Cut out a variety of shapes from construction paper that will fit nicely on the bottom on your salad spinner. Don’t get it too small or the paper will spin to the side and get stuck! Get it close to the size of the bottom of the spinner.


  • Lay your construction shape flat on the bottom of the salad spinner
  • Add a few drops of paint in several places to space out the color
  • Place the lid back on your spinner and hold the lid shut
  • Help your child make it spin fast. This is a great time to practice counting together!
  • After you are done spinning, open the lid and carefully take out your shape
  • If the paint is thick in certain areas simply place it back into the spinner and spin it again to evenly distribute the paint
  • After it dries, display your artwork for all to see!

Thing to Learn:

Primary Colors: Red, Yellow, Red

Secondary Colors:  Green, Orange, Purple

Tertiary Colors: Yellow-Orange, Red-Orange, Red-Violet, Blue-Violet, Blue-Green, Yellow-Green

My Colors Can Move!

 If you’re wearing (name color) today, reach up high – Reach! Reach!

If you’re wearing (name color) today, reach up high – Reach! Reach!

If you’re wearing (name color) today, it’s time to shout Hooray!

If you’re wearing (name color) today, reach up high – Reach! Reach!

Repeat this song using different colors and motions. 

Purple – Pat your Head

Green – Touch the Grass

Yellow – Clap your Hands

spin the paint 2

Need a fun video about colors?


Don’t forget! There is always something fun at the Alia Arram Children’s Museum!
spin the paint 5

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