Stay here a little while.

Where new freckles on your nose have formed.

Where sun-kissed hair has come to make its presence.

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Where summer sprinklers mark the pavement as your feet dance about.

Where a barefoot child rides his bike.

Where popsicles and ice cream are the day’s delight.

Where sand and waves help to form the sound of your giggles.

Where cool, summer breezes and night skies paint the backdrop of your glee.

Where we rock while humming our song.

Where summer clothes, now too small, hold the smell of your days.

Where the time of a babe now forms the boy.

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Stay just long enough for me to remember, let me catch up.

Stay here awhile, sweet boy.

I will need you to.

Maria Garito

Maria Garito is the mother of special needs Autistic child living in Ontario, Canada. As a teacher, her advocacy is focused on education supports and programs. She also writes about mental health and chronic illness.