Last October, so many wonderful mothers, fathers, grandparents, etc shared their stories with us.

They shared about a loss so deep. The loss of their sweet babies.

We’ve had many requests to share these posts again. Their words helped comfort others who have felt the loss of a child. Below you’ll find the links to all those stories published on October 15, 2013. We hope they can help bring you comfort.

Today’s Stories: 

Jordan Lee – What to say to a friend who is going through a miscarriage  

Charlie’s Story – After the loss of their 2-year old girl.

Held Your Whole Life – A letter to the babies I have lost

 Loss – “I felt broken” – A mother who has endured miscarriages and a still birth

A Mama Broken – How are we supposed to feel? Here’s what she says. 

Hearing a Heartbeat – Waiting for the news is so hard, but more miracles can come.

 Each story is so touching. But together they say, “You are not alone”

Living with Grief – When my throat closes up and I choke back tears, I think of this quote…and I think of my two triplets who are no longer here on earth. I am the poster child for living with grief. 

Knitting for Nicholas – My daughter, Audrey, was a twin…is a twin…is a twinless twin

Infertility – A year later – As I stare at my precious 10 month old baby, a wave of emotion comes over me. Peyton is the definition of a miracle; a child who no one thought had a chance of survival.

There’s Nothing We Can Do

HIS View of Their Loss, 30 Years Ago

A 2 Year Old Helps the Healing

There’s Nothing We Can Do

Three Minus One – Helping Millions

Just Love Me

Of Seeds and Solomon

Broken No More

Her Stories of loss, love and encouragement

The Ectopic Pregnancy Experience

Abortion:  The Child I Never Had

The Loss of Two Children

Sunshine After the Storm

Baby Hope

He Opened His Eyes in Heaven

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Your Child is with the Lord

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Leslie Means

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