To my oldest,

As our summer vacation nears an end and we begin school supply shopping, I think about all the things we didn’t get to do together this summer. I instantly feel mom guilt.

All the plans I had made? Only half of them done—if that.

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All the books I was going to read to you at bedtime? Only a couple short ones.

All the creative art we would do? Maybe just one time.

The fact is, I let time slip away from me.

I was too focused and anxiety-ridden about work, my college courses, and getting the house organized.

Yes, you went to summer camp.

Yes, you went to friends’ houses and parties and sleepovers.

Yes, we had family outings.

I’m sure you actually think you had a great summer.

But, I wanted one-on-one time with you. You are growing up. We don’t have many summers left together before you will be moving out. Seven summers are just not enough.

But, I’m not going to let mom guilt get the best of me.

I look at the calendar. I count the days left until you return to school.

Movie night. Check.

Time at the park together shooting hoops. Check.

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One-on-one date to the zoo. Check.

I am going to make you a priority—not my job, not my classes, not trying to keep the house clean. YOU.

We are going to spend quality time together these last few days, and we are going to make memories.


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