My husband had to be at work at 11:00, so he had showered and shaved at some point before his departure.

I went into the bathroom moments ago.

Upon closing the door, I noticed something a bit strange.

There was a hand towel hanging where normally, my hubby’s bath towel would be.

It took a second. But, knowing the heart of my man, I realized what was going on here.

After his shower, he dried off with a hand towel.

You see, my laundry is not always caught up.

I have days I think about how desperately I need to wash laundry, but it still doesn’t get done.

These are the days that after the baby goes down for a nap, I take some time for myself. Whatever it may be.

I know as a mother, wife, and especially a homemaker, I should be a good steward of my time. I should be completing tasks that have to be done in time that was appointed to me throughout the day. Sometimes I feel guilty for giving myself a break. Other times, the demands from life bring me to a point to where, well, the laundry just doesn’t get done.

This is when I found grace hanging on my bathroom door.

This was the truest form of unspoken love. A simple action that left me awash in awe.

On a daily basis, my husband encourages me in my role as a homemaker.

He tells me what a great job I’m doing. I think to myself  “Really? You dried off with a hand towel this morning!” He compliments my appearance even when I’m rocking the mom-bun and have had barely enough time to brush my teeth. He does these things with sincerity and kindness.

I don’t know what my husband was thinking while he attempted to get ready this morning.

However, through his patience and understanding, this hand towel hanging on the back of the door was all that was needed to speak volumes to his undeserving wife.

So I pray:

Lord, help me to demonstrate a love so patient, so kind, and so understanding, that my husband doesn’t have to second guess my intentions.

Help me to be a better wife, mother, and homemaker.

Thank you for your patience, Father.

Thank you for my husband.

I love you.


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Laura Hurd

 I am a stay at home mom to two beautiful boys, my youngest having been diagnosed with Autism. Our family motto is that the little things are the big things.