Guys first – those red carpet photos. Whether you were at the event or just want to check it out here’s the link!

Sarah Burkhardt


 (click on gallery links)

(More pictures are coming throughout the weekend! Photos from Simply Unique Images will be posted soon as well!)

The night? Amazing. Cold – but amazing. Relaxed, fun just how it needed to be.

Last Sunday, 100 brave Her View From Home friends ventured out in negative temps to enjoy a date night with Oscar.

We were so happy to see you all. Jen couldn’t make it back – but so many people stepped in to help. So many!

Our lovely (and seriously tall!) marketing/sales gals, Jacey and Megan…

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Jen’s incredible family…

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Fantastic sponsors… (Ashley Furniture, Sozo, Baristas, The World Theatre)

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Those wonderful gals behind the scenes snapping pics!! (Sarah and Catrina)

Our “old” friends in the media….

and you. Thank you. I’m a sap. I really am. I have nothing else to say but thanks. When these events come together, I just want to yell thank you to everyone at the top of my lungs. I’m not sure you’ll ever know how much joy it brought me (and Jen from a far) each time you stepped through those doors. Your support for Her View From Home not just online but in day to day events…

Gosh – it’s wonderful.

Your donations helped raise money for the World Theatre (an incredible gem in Central Nebraska). I know they thank you, too.

You know life is just too hard. It is. It’s tough. Daily stress, life events – they pull at each of us every single day. At the end of all this, if Her View From Home has helped you in any way – then we’ve done our job, we’ve met our goals. We hope our brand can continue to shine light on  your view from home. We know you’re shining on ours.

Thank You for your continued support!


And now a transition – (wow, I felt like that was an Oscar speech.., seriously Leslie – heavy stuff there)

We have another event coming up! Here’s the 411 on our Fashion Night Out. We hope you can make it! We also hope to host events throughout Nebraska in the coming months. Look for those in a Her View Community near you.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!

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