Three Totally Weird New Mama Changes www.herviewfromhome.comMen have it SO easy. Before you think ‘oh here we go with another feminist’.. no. I am merely saying possessing a uterus is crazy. Creating a thinking, breathing and adorable human being is no walk in the park. Before I moved into the ‘mother-hood’, I never dreamed of some of the daily weird problems I would soon have. Here’s just a few of the hundreds of changes I experienced as a new mama! I hope either you get a chuckle out of my new misery or you are my secret soul sister and you just get it. 

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Jennifer Smith

Jennifer used to be a sexy, tattooed 'barstar'/party girl. Now, she is a proud domesticated quarter of a century blogging housewife, with a definite flair for the dramatic side! She's a self proclaimed 'Lactivist' & pro attachment parent mama to Anastasia! Check out her blog at