He didn’t mean anything by it. I had my head buried in a book, when my husband casually said these five words, “You don’t really need anyone.”

What he meant was books always make me happy. I have many friends I’ve met through the years on the pages of a book. I assure him it’s not true of course. I need him very much.

To my husband, Here are 50 reasons I need you (although there are thousands more),

  1. I need you to split a plate with me when we eat out at restaurants.
  2. I need you because I discovered one can purchase apple trees from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, and so I ordered three, and have no idea how to plant them. But you do.
  3. I need you to do this month’s Kiwi Crate Tinker Crate with our little girl, because when I read the word “hydraulic” on the box, I knew I was out.
  4. I need you to shut the chicken coop door at dusk, so it’s not always my turn.
  5. I need you on your side of the bed each night, because last week when you were gone, it felt empty.
  6. I need you to do all. the. yardwork.
  7. I need you to grill the food and smoke the meat.
  8. I need you to keep playing cards with me, because I’m a terrible sport, and you’re one of the few people who will put up with my fits.
  9. I need you to sit right beside me at church every Sunday you go, because my dad only sat beside our family at church one time in my whole life.
  10. I need you because I rest in the fact that your hand is always there to grab and hold when I reach for it.
  11. I need you because no one supports my writing like you do.
  12. I need you to remind me I’m someone who always does the right thing.
  13. I need your wisdom and advice.
  14. I need to be happy when you’ve completed a home improvement project, because these accomplishments please you so.
  15. I need you because words like “economics” make me instantly sleepy, but they’re important, so I learn what I need from you.
  16. I need you as my companion restaurant reviewer to try out new places in town, like Five Lakes Brewing we visited a few weeks ago.
  17. I need you because you know we decided years ago to not celebrate Hallmark holidays like Valentine’s Day, and together, we don’t.
  18. I need you because you understand anniversaries are our BIG DEAL – thirteen years and counting.
  19. I need your perspective on politics because the voices online are loud and overly-opinionated, but I know you’ll offer me a well-researched, logical viewpoint.
  20. I need your help when our garden really takes off, and the weeds threaten to choke out the vegetables.
  21. I need you because you offer our little girl an outlook on life I can’t explain to her.
  22. I need you because said little girl is going to date someday, and I have no doubt you’ll be her best protector.
  23. I need you on Wednesday nights, when you let me drop all my responsibilities and chase after Jesus with my Bible study ladies.
  24. I need you because you’re the best part of every double date we go on with other couples.
  25. I need you to open the door for me (still) when we go somewhere.
  26. I need you to enjoy my cooking, because it encourages me to keep trying new things.
  27. I need you to remind me I don’t have to volunteer to do everything.
  28. I need you because you always let me know how much you appreciate the things I do around the house.
  29. I need you when I get mentally lazy and count on you to work the mechanics of things.
  30. I need you to diagnose my vehicle problems before I even go to the repair shop.
  31. I need you to write down word for word, and include photos, of what I need to ask for when you send me to a hardware store.
  32. I need you to walk through our front door every night around 5:30, because it’s the highlight of my day.
  33. I need you to kiss me goodbye on your way to work every morning, whether I’ve brushed my teeth yet or not.
  34. I need you to partner with me in every parenting endeavor.
  35. I need your push to take action in our community by serving on the local library and school boards.
  36. I need you to sing Garth Brooks for me, even though you claim you can’t carry a tune.
  37. I need you to research all. the. things.
  38. I need you sitting across from me in a coffee shop, listening to the solo guy playing acoustic guitar.
  39. I need you to pull our camping trailer, because we both know things would go horribly wrong if I tried this.
  40. I need you browsing bookstore shelves, grabbing a Western and a few magazines, and placing them beside my ridiculously tall stack of books in all varieties.
  41. I need you because the next time something really sad happens, you won’t feel the urge to fill the space between us with words, but you’ll never leave my side.
  42. I need you so I can always make two lattes in the morning from our espresso machine.
  43. I need you to keep wearing the bright plaid work shirts you prefer, because my heart still leaps when you come out of the bedroom all dressed up for work.
  44. I need you with me to take all the trips we’ve talked about doing over the years.
  45. I need you because no one gives gifts more thoughtful and personal than yours.
  46. I need you to come home to (our home!) after I’ve gone on a trip.
  47. I need you to hang up all these birdhouses, knowing we’re one step closer to retiring and spending our days watching the birds.
  48. I need your honest opinion even though I don’t always want it.
  49. I need to hear you say “I love you” because those words are music to my ears.
  50. I need you to know in the deepest part of your soul, you are very needed.

Traci Rhoades

Traci Rhoades is a writer and Bible teacher. She lives in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area with her family and an ever-changing number of pets. Connect with her online at tracesoffaith.com or @tracesoffaith on twitter. She is the author of "Not All Who Wander (Spiritually) Are Lost."