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There’s this beautiful, precious lady in our lives. 

My kids call her Grandma. 

But she isn’t my husband’s mother. She’s his aunt. 

She possesses all the warmth, love, and pride of being a grandmother. Her visits are highly anticipated, and she’s talked about for days and days after her departure.

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She snuggles and sings and bakes cookies. She travels for birthday parties and answers the endless questions of our inquisitive toddler. She reads bedtime stories and rocks an energized infant. She knows their sizes and interests and slathers them with kisses. 

Even though we’ve experienced loss, our hearts are so full because of you.

It’s the million little things you do that are so meaningful. The way you quickly sneak a kiss or help redirect an angsty toddler. The way you oblige the request to help brush teeth and read stories. The way I somehow feel more empowered as a mother when you’re around. When I think about how you willingly stepped into this role, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. 

How do I even say it? Thank you. 

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Thank you for being present and engaged. Thank you for lending us your warmth and love. Thank you for sliding beside me in the kitchen to help prep for birthday parties. Thank you for letting me send pictures and videos. Thank you for listening to them rattle off character after character of their favorite show. Thank you for hearing my stressed tone and somehow knowing what to say.

Thank you for being Grandma to my babies. 

Because of you, my babies have never known the absence of a grandmother’s love, and I’m eternally grateful. 

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