Dear Brenda,

I have never had the pleasure of being able to meet you, yet I feel like I’ve known you for a lifetime. Each passing year, I learn a little bit more about you through family, friends, or classmates who share a story or a memory with me. Each memory I hear puts another piece of the puzzle together of the person you were and the mother I look forward to meeting.

There are many times I wonder how life would be different with you in it. How you would be enjoying the special moments in life with our children and the milestones that go by.

I wish your eyes could fill with tears of pride watching your grandson stand on stage and singing to his little heart’s content at is his spring show. I wish you could clap your hands and cheer for your granddaughter completing her very first dance recital. Some days I wish you could just come over and play with the kids while we make supper or plant flowers. Even though I have never met you, I miss you.

I don’t miss you the same way that your loved ones’ hearts ache as they wish they had one more day, one more smile, or one more hug. They hold on to memories of you and the sound of your laughter. When I met your son, I knew you were special. And every year that I am with him, I learn something new about you, become fonder of you, and ache to meet you in heaven someday. I miss you the same way I miss my two babies I never had the joy of meeting, but find comfort in knowing you are taking good care of them.

I know you loved your children immensely and put them before everything else, including yourself. I see this instilled in your son, as he would do anything for his children and often times makes sacrifices for them and for me. I know your smile could light up a room, and everyone felt better just by you being there. Brayden has the same contagious smile on his face and in his eyes. When his sweet laughter fills the air you can’t help but feel better about life. I know you had a heart of gold, and would do anything for anyone, no questions asked. I’ve heard many stories of your kindness to others whether you knew them or not. And Brynlee has your same sweet soul. While she is strong-willed, she is often times quietly observing and ready to help others who need her. She has words of wisdom beyond her years.

I know you had spontaneity for life, a free spirit, and grounding to the things that meant the most to you. All three of your sons possess these qualities. They are up for about anything, ready to take on the next challenge of life, and have a bond to their family that is so strong you can feel their love and support at all times.

I know you are looking down on us, proud of your sons, proud of your grandchildren, and loving us all. I look forward to the day I walk through Heaven’s pearly gates, and get the opportunity to thank you for an amazing husband. I will think of you and miss you. Until we meet . . . for the first time!

Your daughter-in-law,

Shelly Koch

I am a wife, a mother, and a nurse.  I have 2 beautiful children who have brought me closer to God and a husband who loves and supports me through it all!  We live on a farm and enjoy being outside.