To the momma who is feeling every bit of being last: 

We all have those moments where we feel last in linein every way possible. 

Last in line at the store, at the pickup line, at home. 

Last to sit down to eat.

Last to find out big, newsworthy events.

Last to get cleaned up in the shower. 

Last to get the doctor’s appointment scheduled. 

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We notice right away when being last in line affects our family. 

However, we are often able to easily ignore when we are putting ourselves last in line. 

Until one day, when you finally pick up the phone to call to finally make the appointment with the specialist you just haven’t gotten around to calling in months and you are greeted by the generic out for lunch or after business hours recording.  And please leave a message on our general voicemail after the beep.

So simple for the recording to say. Meanwhile, you feel deflated and your mind is racing through . . .

Ugh, I finally got around to calling and they aren’t there to answer. 

Do I leave a message or try to set a reminder to call back later? But later is our lunch time, and later the kids will be waking up from naps so that doesnt work. 

I can try to call again another time—maybe tomorrow when I am driving to get books with the kids. 

But they were actually all settled in and quiet just now, and the library is just around the corner, so I would still be listening to the options before we got there. 

Ugh, OK leave a message, save the number, keep my phone on me—that’s the plan.


“Hi this is . . . Tiffany Frederick . . . calling to try and make an appointment as I am overdue and (cue the baby crying) needed to come in for blood work (cue littles asking for a snack) my phone is (cue breaking up a battle over a toy) please call back so I can get on the schedule. Thank you!”  

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Hang up saying a silent prayer that they could at least hear your message through all the background noises of life and can get you scheduled soon. 

Hang up frustrated that you did not get that item checked off your list. 

Hang up realizing you have put this off too long and decided that after giving the snacks and new activity to call back again in an attempt to know your voice message was left and audible. 

It is not an easy place to find ourselves living. 

When we manage all the other things, we need to make sure there is room for us to be taken care of sometimes. 

So momma, the next time you find that small window of time to make that quick callto the doctor, or a friend you miss connecting withand you are greeted by the voicemail, know you are not alone in your rambling request and voice message that sounds like a conversation with someone else. 

But let’s commit to each other to carve out more time for these important calls. 

Because you are important and definitely worth more than always catching the voicemail. 

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I know that for me, if I am committing to you and myself then I will be sure to make the time. 

Because promises are something I do not break, and I am learning to keep the promises made to myself, too. 

Tiffany Frederick

Tiffany is a mother of three littles who resides in Leesburg, Virginia with her husband Casey. She loves finding ways to connect with people and making memories with her family. As a working from home Mom running her own real estate business and teaching preschool to her two older littles her life is very full. Tiffany shares her life journey and the commitment to taking on the daily challenge of living presently - on the blog Not Lucky Simply Blessed.