Didn’t Christmas just end? Now Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I was a bit shocked when red stuff started popping up in my feeds the first week of the New Year. Now that February is a about a week away, it’s definitely time to start making plans.

These beautiful ice cream sandwiches are perfect for any event, including that at-home girls night. Kids can help make them, and anyone that sees them will be impressed. The first time I made them was basically a disaster, so follow these tips and enjoy! 

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Step One:

I used Hershey’s Cut Out Chocolate Cookie Recipe. Follow this one to the T. Usually I sub ingredients like coconut oil and raw sugar. With this recipe, it was a disaster!

Using that recipe I was able to yield a dozen 3″ hearts or 6 sammies. (Plus, I snacked on some dough.)

Handle the cookies with care. I found allowing them to cool completely before moving them is best. If you are using a particularly large cookie cutter, freeze them. I made huge angels for Christmas and they kept falling apart. Spare yourself. They are going to end up in the freezer anyway.

Final tip for the cookies: use a metal cookie cutter if you have a choice. Yes, you can work with plastic, but an open backed metal one is far easier once the ice cream is involved.

Step Two:

I thought of a few methods for dealing with the ice cream, including floss and rectangular cartons, but that just seemed sketchy.

For best results freeze a deep metal cookie sheet like this one and then smoosh the ice cream onto it. By freezing it first, the ice cream is less melty.

Use whatever smooshing method you are comfortable with. A wooden spoon works okay but gloved hands is even better. Run a dough cutter under hot water and glide it over the top of the ice cream to smooth it out. (If you don’t have, it’s definitely worth the purchase. It makes cleaning up counter messes a breeze, as well as cutting things and smoothing ice cream.)

Don’t under estimate how much ice cream you will need. I used 3 cartons of ice cream for my angels. For the hearts I used a single carton and at face value I only got 3 cut outs before having to resmoosh and refreeze the ice cream. For reference, 3 cartons filled my cookie sheet. If only using one carton just smoosh the ice cream against one side.

Return cookie sheet to freezer. The more frozen the better.

Step Three:

It’s ice cream sammie time!

You will want to work quickly in this process. If you find that you can’t keep up, return the ice cream to the freezer.

Before you take the ice cream out of the freezer have your hot water running, pair your cookies and make space in the freezer for your ice cream sandwiches. Heat a metal spatula as well as the cookie cutter under the hot water.

Remove the ice cream from the freezer and go to town. Press the cookie cutter into the ice cream. Use the spatula to cut the ice cream around the cutter into a square and remove it from the cookie sheet. Using any method, including your fingers, clear away any ice cream clinging to the outside of the cookie cutter. Gently press the ice cream out of the cookie cutter and apply to the cookie.

Quickly wrap the sammie in saran wrap and place in freezer.

Step Four:

Omnomomnom. Enjoy your beautiful treats!

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